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ĐỒNG HỒ SỐ EXCEL XL830LChức năng đầy đủ, giá quá tốt.
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XL830L is a stable performance, high reliability and small hand-held anti-drop performance 31/2 digit multimeter instrument word 15MM liquid crystal display, clear reading the whole circuit design LSI double integral A / D converter as its core, and with overload protection circuit, making it a excellent performance and compact tool instrument.
This instrument can be used to measure DC and AC voltage, DC current, resistance, diode, transistor and circuit-off the buzzer voice prompts test.Blue backlight, convenient for the user to read out the measured value display in a dark place.
  Features: 1, the appearance of small and exquisite appearance, comfortable feel; 2, large screen display, clear writing; 3, anti-interference ability; 5, backlight, reading more convenient; 
Basic functions Range. Basic accuracy
DC voltage 200mV/2V/20V/200V/600V ± (0.5% +4)
AC voltage 200V/600V ± (1.5% +10)
DC current 200uA/2mA/20mA/200mA / 10A ± (1.5% +3)
Resistance 200 Ω / 2k Ω / 20k Ω / 200k Ω / 2M Ω ± (1.0% +2)
Special Function XL830L
Diode test
Alarm off
Low battery indication
Input impedance 10M Ω
Sampling Frequency 3 / s
AC frequency response (40-400) Hz
Operating mode Manual range
Maximum Display 1999
LCD size 55 x 28 mm
Power supply 9V (6F22)
Colors   The fuselage - Black + yellow jacket
Body weight   About 180g (with battery)
Standard accessories Table pen, battery, manual, certificate
Body size 143 × 7 0 × 28mm
Standard inner packing Tray
Packaging size 50 × 358 × 380mm
Standard Package Quantity 100        
Standard Gross Weight About 3 0kg
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